Bendochy Parish Church and Coupar Angus Abbey Church

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We approached ParadigmIT to construct our website on the suggestion of someone known to us and we are delighted with the final product.

Prior to constructing the website Angela came to spend some considerable time with us going over our requirements carefully. During this process Angela listened carefully to our suggestions, using her knowledge and expertise to guide us gently in the right direction. Then during the construction of the website Angela provided a test site for us to look at and to alter things accordingly, again at all times ensuring that our wishes were listened to and incorporated into the website. Finally Angela came to spend more time with us, training us on how to post news and events items and how to amend the content of the pages on the site if we wanted to, and did so in such a way that those of us with limited IT skills were able to understand and take on board.

Throughout all of this process the service we received was first class – professional and expertly delivered in a friendly manner, and we would highly recommend ParadigmIT to any prospective customer.

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